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Perry's Handyman Services Deck Constructor In Fort Worth, TX

Decks can be a wonderful addition to a home. Whether you desire a deck for entertaining, safety, or just a place to relax, Perry’s Handyman Services can help you plan, build and maintain the deck of your dreams.

However, many hold back from hiring a deck builder because they are unsure of how the actual deck construction process works. If you share the same anxiety, you’ve come to the right place!

Perry’s Handyman Services also provides honest, skilled, and friendly service to help you repair your existing deck. From replacing rotten boards and posts, to securing railings, to applying water sealant stain we have the experience to keep your deck safe and beautiful.

Types Of Decking We Build

If you’ve taken time to search for “decking ideas,” we’re sure you already know that there are endless possibilities. Some decks are covered with pergola, while others have fully finished roofs, providing extra weather protection. If you don’t want to hassle too much about picking and purchasing garden furniture, we can make you a deck with built-in furniture that blends into the overall design effortlessly.

As for materials, the most common ones we use for decking are:

  • western red cedar
  • teak
  • mahogany
  • and other hardwoods

Another popular option is composite decking – we know how to handle it just as well! Perry’s Handyman Services collaborates with second to none suppliers to ensure that your deck is built with the highest quality materials available.

There are also a variety of decking materials available today from simple pressure treated pine to new composite materials. Our experienced deck builders can help you find the material you will be most happy with.

Why Work With Perry’s Handyman Services On Your Deck Construction Project?

Our deck construction process starts and ends with you. Before we come up with the working plan or start pitching our ideas, we listen to you. Once you tell us how you imagine your future deck to be, our expert deck builders will recommend the most optimal course of action.

We Examine The Setting and Set Realistic Expectations

While building your dream deck is always the priority to us, we like keeping things honest. When we examine the setting for the deck, we evaluate if it is fitting to the scale and design that you have in mind. If we find that something needs to be altered in your original idea, we’re upfront about it to set realistic expectations.

We Stick To The Predetermined Timeline

Our skills and expertise allow us to work fast, without compromising the quality of the deck. When we first meet with you and decide on the decking plan, we’ll provide you with the estimated time of completion. You can be assured that we’ll stick to the deadline and deliver the result that exceeds your expectations.

We Explain The Process To You

Perry’s Handyman Services knows how frustrating it can be when a bunch of strangers is working on your property, but you have no idea what’s going on. That’s why we prioritize communication above all. Our deck builders will explain everything in the process to ensure that you fully understand what we’re doing every step of the way.

What’s more, we are always open to your questions. Don’t hesitate to approach our team with queries, even when we’re in the middle of construction. We’ll always take time to make sure that you’re on top of the process.

You’re The Boss – No Change of Plans Without Your Approval

Deck construction is a complex process, and there are many variables that determine the final result. Sometimes, we encounter a problem that makes us go off the initial plan. If this happens when working on your outdoor deck, you’ll be the first to find out.

The Perry’s Handyman Services team won’t make any changes without first consulting with you. On our part, we will make sure that you have all the information you need to understand why the change is necessary and what are the best alternatives to ensure that we get the results you expect from us.

We Don’t Leave Out Any Details

We believe that when it comes to deck construction, every little thing matters. There’s no detail too small for us. Before we call the project done, we make sure that every needle, every rail is in its place. Most importantly, we guarantee that after we’re done working, you won’t have to deal with the mess. Our deck builder team works neatly, without damaging your property.

We’ll Assist With Maintenance

Perry’s Handyman Services not only assists with deck building but with repair as well. While we guarantee that the deck we construct is durable, maintenance is still necessary. We recommend that you get an annual inspection to ensure that you’re staying ahead of wear and tear.

What’s more, our handymen will happily aid in removing stains or fixing any mechanical damage that you may face. Needless to say, we’ll do everything professionally.

Start Your Decking Project Now

Are you ready to build your dream deck? We know we are! You can start the process right now – simply fill out the estimate form, and we’ll reach out to you in no time. Make sure you give us as many details as possible so that we can provide you with accurate estimates. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone and tell us about the deck project you have in mind!

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