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Powder Room Remodel with electrical services in Fort Worth

We recently remodeled this powder room. The customer wanted a new vanity, light, mirror, towel holders, and stronger flushing toilet. They also wanted the door to open from the opposite side. We removed everything, including the door and painted the walls a new fresh color. When a customer wants to change the side the door opens on, we have found it best to replace the entire door with a new prehung door. We used the hinges and door knob from the previous door so that it would match the doors in the rest of the house.

We faced one unique challenge on this remodel with the light switch. The light switch was mounted on the wall next to the doorknob, so when the new door was installed it would put the light switch behind the door. Not acceptable. This is a two-story home so moving the light switch wiring to the opposite side of the door would have required much drywall damage. To avoid this and to keep costs down, our electricians found a remote light switch. The way this works is you wire in the “sending switch” to the original light switch power, then mount the remote switch wherever you would like. In our case, on the opposite wall where the new door handle is. These remote light switches also look new and modern. They now have a beautiful, new, easy entry powder room. Call Perry’s Handyman Services for all your minor remodeling needs!

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